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Welcome to Reachout India

Reachout is a government registered Charitable Trust led by a team of seven women in India. This is mainly based in Chennai, a metropolitan city in Southern India. It was founded on 6th September 2002. This Charitable Trust has been conceived with the main notion of helping the urban poor.

“Reachout” begins its journey 13 Years back with the aim of helping the poor in every walks of life. During the course of our journey we slowly realized the urgency in providing education for the children in poverty. We understood that if we focus on this issue we would be lifting their status to the next level. So for the past 10 years we have totally shifted our focus on education. We have so far been able to educate about 200 children from the primary school to their graduation.

It gives us great pride to say that around 27 children have become graduates and have secured good jobs. It is our vision to be able to help hundreds of children to go to school and become graduates. We hope to achieve our dream with the help of every rupee our donor’s give us. So please join us in this endeavour to make Tamil Nadu 100% literate.

Reachout : Chennai Flood Relief

People of Chennai have joined hands to get our State back on her feet. We are hoping to get families back to some kind of routine so that they can get back to their jobs. With this purpose in mind we have put together a few packages which will cater to their immediate requirements.

We are planning to distribute these Relief Kits to the most affected places in and around Tamil Nadu like Cuddalore, Thandalam, Mudichur, Saidapet & so on.

Kindly send your Donations as Cheque/DD in favour of ‘Reachout’ to our administration office given in contacts. You can also net transfer your contribution through NEFT.

“Little drops make mighty oceans” Lets join hands to bring Chennai back on her feet.

School Kit - Rs.250
  • School Bag (1 Nos)
  • Pencil Box (1 Nos)
  • Long Note Book (1 Nos)
  • Small Note Book (1 Nos)
  • Pencils (10 Nos)
  • Erasers (1 Nos)
  • Pen (1 Nos)
Provision Kit Provision Kit - Rs.1100
  • Turmeric - 50Gms
  • Rice - 10Kg
  • Sugar- 1Kg
  • Thoor Dal - 1Kg
  • Pepper - 50Gms
  • Jeera - 50Gms
  • Mustard - 100Gms
  • Tamarind - 1Kg
  • Red Chilli - 250Gms
  • Dhaniya - 250Gms
  • Hamam Soap - 2 Nos
  • Rin Soap - 2 Nos
  • Salt - 1Kg
  • Oil - 1Ltr
Home Needs Kit Home Needs Kit - Rs.350
  • Bucket - 1Nos
  • Mug - 1Nos
  • Bedsheet - 1Nos
  • Pillow - 1Nos
  • Bamboo Mat - 1Nos
Kitchen Kit Kitchen Kit - Rs.1100
  • Stove - 1Nos
  • Cooking Vessel - 2Nos
  • Storing Vessel - 3Nos
  • Serving Ladle - 3Nos
  • Filter Coffee Set - 2Nos
  • Water Glass - 2Nos
  • Dinner Plate - 2Nos
  • Knife - 1Nos

Reachout Flood Relief Super Pack: Rs.2,800
  • School Kit
  • Provision Kit
  • Home Needs Kit
  • Kitchen Kit

Reachout Education

Primary School Reachout Graduates
Reachout Girls Reachout Girls
Reachout Boys Reachout Boys
Primary School Primary School

We, the most fortunate, can join hands and give our Reachout children a chance by sponsoring for their education. If you happen to be one among the rare few who wish to help educate a child, we thank and appreciate you whole-heartedly. You have taken a giant step towards the up-liftment of our nation.

Kindly send your Cheque/DD in favour of ‘Reachout’ to our administration office given in contacts. The Photograph and the progress card of the child for the academic year you have sponsored will be sent along with his or her progress every year.

Thank you, you have blessed a child with the light of education and there by opened many doors for him/her.

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